I’m learning SO Much


You see this link above,(go on, check it out) he is one of many people I have come across or consulting companies even. But because I have shared the desire to want to learn as much as I can, whether it be blogging, marketing, turning leads into buyers and followers, or ooops I forgot you have to get the leads first, so being able to know how to convert by whats in your content. Its amazing to me how many people stepped up to the plate because they could see how appreciative I was. It was just a simple “Thank you for sharing your info with me” I am working towards (and every extra dime and information I acquire goes to this) becoming a Life Coach or Grief Coach something in the Coaching category. I want this so much, I have a vision and goal. Speaking of Visions, did you know that Pinterest now has “Secret Boards”? Well if you haven’t already thought of this…do you know or have you ever heard the term a “Vision Board”?  Well….guess what, you can use these Secret Boards for your Virtual Vision Boards!!! Pretty Cool huh? Your VVB! When I get one of them done I will share with you all in here what one might look like. One thing I’ve learned thats really super important when your trying to attract traffic to your website, is BLOGGING is the main thing that will get you that traffic, and you can have so much fun with it. LIke adding animation, videos, images, surveys, polls, just make it fun so your readers will want to read and comment and get to know you, and most of all support you!!!! YAAAAAH! SIS BOOM BAH RAH RAH RAH!  To give you something interesting, I’ve added a poll, enjoy to see what you might learn.



People are definitely more conscious of their environment and what they put in their bodies. I’ve realized the importance of this, especially since some of our lives due to caustic chemicals are being affected by food that has to be produced, harvested etc, faster so they can get to our table faster too. We have to eat but due to our lives being inconvenienced, we just can’t take the time. Well I’ve found a way to make it easier, convenient, better for your health in your bodies and homes and make money too. No I am not referring to the ever popular “MLM”‘s, sorry, but a no pressure residual income and you can work at home(WAH) too. Then you can feel good about making a difference in the world and your home. check out this video  https://www.melaleuca.com/melapower

If you have any questions: tweet me @cocopalms61 or email me: kimsecowellness@vitalityforlife.com I’m sure you won’t be disappointed in what you see.

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power

Well been so busy with each of my NEW DAYS, creating a better half of my life, but in any case, I’m working on being my own boss yet still helping others, so each of my days are rewarding. God definitely plays a big part in these days. For that I thank him and of course my friends. OK, here is one of my independent contracting jobs I’m starting, “A tutor” these days there tends to be a lot of home schooling and also kids doing independent studys and not actually attending a public school. So thats where I come in.

Here is my new job website for tutoring again: